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Teeth Whitening

Discover the brilliance of our BEYOND™ OSMO teeth whitening treatment, where you can achieve professional results without the need to visit a dentist.

Achieve a brighter, whiter smile effortlessly and comfortably. This non-invasive procedure combines a peroxide-based gel with a specially designed lamp to expertly lighten the color of your teeth, unveiling your true radiance.

Teeth Whitening

Achieve a brighter, whiter smile with just one easy and comfortable treatment. The BEYOND™ OSMO treatment is designed to professionally lighten the colour of teeth using a combination of peroxide-based gel and a specially designed lamp. 

Get stunning results with an initial treatment, then maintain the brightness with quick and easy touch-ups every 3 months or so.

Individual Treatment: 1 Hour, 15 Mins — $259

Couples/friends Session (for 2 people) Treatment: 1 Hour, 30 Mins — $480 

Single Cycle Touch-up Treatment: 20 Mins — $99 


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